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Carla Sutera Sardo was born in Agrigento in 1983. She studied law and graduated in 2011. During her university career, she became interested in photography, thus starting her self-taught photographic journey. In 2012 she attended a course in photographic technique in Palermo. In her first photographic project, "A self-portrait in abandoned places" she focused on her body and her surroundings, trying to blend these two worlds together.



Carla Sutera Sardo



Sicily, Italy






Carla Sutera Sardo Portrait

Artist Q&A


Tell us about your work, in three sentences?

Seriously fun, creative, challenging.        


What’s your current day-to-day like?

I normally go out to take pictures even when I don't have exactly what to do in mind, it's like an exercise, it helps me get new ideas and makes me feel good.

Carla Sutera Sardo Photoshoot

The process behind all my photographs is always the same.  I see a detail that inspires me, and from there, I create the photograph in my mind with elements of nature and colors.

Where do you find your inspiration?

In my land, in my places of the heart and in my mind.


What do you hope to achieve with your art?

I want to convey to people the beauty I see.

A lot has changed in the world recently. How have the events of the past coupe years shifted your perspective (or business) as an artist?


Everything has remained the same for my personal projects and my work with galleries. Indeed I must say that it has improved a lot. People have been buying more art in the last couple of years; they need freshness! 

 My perspective has changed but primarily for commissioned work.


Can you tell us the story behind the new works?

I really like bubbles and sunsets because they are the first shots after the birth of my baby. 

We went to the sea because I wanted the sand to be in the photographs. Of course, it is always absurd for the people that see us because the girls had giant balloons in front of their faces, and I always photograph from below, so I was under them. This was a fun time for people, and they took pictures with big smiles. 

This often happens when I shoot, and I like it because it's as if I offer people a new and fun point of view, a breath of fresh air!




Carla Sutera Sardo You are my rainbowYOU ARE MY RAINBOW
Carla Sutera Sardo Sunset dream


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