Follow the claim that he has "seen almost every musician and band from 1978 to the present day" - we just had to ask Jason Alper 5 Questions for our blog.  

Says Alper, "Having no formal art school or college training - something I find would have been a hinderance for me, I have immersed myself in the art world and popular culture through my own findings. Some people would call it a misspent youth. I would call it an education. Along the way, I have watched countless movies, read endless magazines, visited thousands of exhibitions and museums and seen almost every musician and band from 1978 to the present day. These are the greatest reference points and inspiration that anyone can have. Something that I feel can't be taught."

Creative Director Rich Hendericks (and new dad!) talked to Jason Alper (also new dad!) recently about sewing, Michelle Obama, and Rod Stewart.

5 Questions for Jason Alper:

AS: Who/What most influenced you to become an artist?

JA: I suppose Tracey Emin. Once I saw that she could sell the idea of a messy bedroom to the Saatchi Gallery, which to my amazement, was called an art piece, for an obscene amount of money, I realized that anyone could break into the art world and make a name for themselves as an artist.

AS: What's the most random art world thing that's ever happened to you?

JA: When Michelle Obama kept tweeting about me. She tried to buy some pieces of my work, but unfortunately for her, they had already sold.

AS: Who would you most want to share a beer with?

JA:  I would have to say Rod Stewart

AS: If you could only paint/draw with one color, what would it be?

JA:  Black, every time!

AS: If you were not an artist who/what would you be and why?

JA: As I'm good with my hands, especially with intricate jobs, a Doctor/Surgeon would be my first choice. I've always loved watching operations. My sewing skills are better than most peoples' grandmothers and I was more than ready to help out at the recent birth of my daughter.

Mr. Pink, by Jason Alper. Available on Artstar.

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