Fresh Art to Celebrate the Spring

 As an ode to the warm weather, we are spotlighting new works by ArtStar artists who keep the warm weather in bloom all year long.

Aaron Wexler offers us his abstract print that fuses color and shape in a way that captivates the eye. It is hard not to keep staring at the seemingly 3-D pattern, which plays with collage technique and geometric design to produce the wonder that is Strategic Strata.

Kyla Johnson will take you out of this world. Her Blow Up 201 reflects naturally occurring micro-patterns on a large scale abstract. .

Tracy Snelling brings us into the world of the seemingly mundane but eerily mysterious. Her prints will have you wondering who is up at 1:02 am, what is going on in Room 8, who is about to Check In to the motel, and where in the bright neon world is Will Rogers.

To see more of our  new ArtStar  favorites, head on over to our site.

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