ArtStar: Expert Advice on The Creative Workspace

One Key factor for retaining employee talent is building a strong company culture.  Employees invest their time and energy into their jobs and the office design should reflect the company's investment back into their team.  
Well designer work spaces impress clients, motivate employees, and help buisness' stand out from the pack.  Make your work space a place people want to spend time by adding color, art and great design!
ArtStar asked THREE experts about their 
experience with corporate design and the impact it has on company culture.  
The consensus:  Be Bold and Stand Out!

"There's a revolution happening in office design. The workplace is no longer a space where you just spend 8 hours of your day, plugging away at a computer. All of our office designs encourage collaboration with break out areas and welcoming conference rooms. We want to keep things fun! "  

- Noa Santos, Co-Founder Homepolish


The Man Repeller Office

 The Bark Box Offices


 Gilt Group Headquarters



"By designing a creative and authentic workplace that supports and encourages flexibility, collaboration and company culture, you can better attract and retain talent."

- Erica Jaffe, Account Executive

Weight Watcher's Headquarters

Record Label

in Manhattan                          


"The design of your space should inspire your team - the most successful spaces balance functionality with strong personality and character that reflects the culture."

- Karen John, Founder Heartwork


Heartwork's Modern Media Credenza is a functional, modern storage solution that is adaptable enough to fit in any conference room, executive office, or even your media room or dining room at home.


Heartwork's Storage Cabinets are available in two sizes and with different configurations including adjustable shelves, wardrobe or a combination of both.

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Moonscape 1

Untitled, Coyote



Maldives #10



Paris Life #1



Moonscape 4



Blue Highway


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Israel #2

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