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Happy Friday, design lovers! We have become to be known as the Mix Masters of styles, and this week’s round up shows our diverse design styles! Keep scrolling to read about our #FridayFaves to get inspired by our eclectic mix of what has our design juices flowing.

Alison is adoring these classic Soho Home x Anthropology Adriana Chair from Anthropologie. The Porto Velvet in Meteor adds a bold pop of colour and compliments the brushed brass details. The scalloped curved back makes this a charming pick for a great room or for a reading nook. The brushed brass is set vertically within each seam for an elegant effect, adding interest to the chair as a whole. Soho Home collaborated with Anthropologie with this chair to create a home-away-from-home experience.

Katie is captivated by the simplicity on these Triangle Sconces from Hollis + Morris. The geometric framing is made from solid wood to form a canopy and filled with a white paper to diffuse the LED light. This sconce is undeniably a sleek, contemporary design and comes in two sizes for a creative composition.

Leina is loving the Nook Bed from Blue Dot upholstered in Edwards Tomato fabric. The story behind this design was to create a modern bed that feels comfortable and safe. The combination of the coral hue, minimal form and black cylinder legs nods to a mid-century style. The timeless bed is available in multiple colours for that accent colour you’ve always wanted.

Aly is a fan of Laura Hendricks’ photograph titled Earlier. Hendricks is a photographic and mixed media artist. She combines photos that she has taken to produce a new scene; one that usually brings back memories. In this collection, she uses billboards to frame her other photos. These photos often capture skies but have ranged from close ups to distant landscapes.

Shaelynn is swooning over the Libellule Ceiling Lamp from Piconto in Spain. The use of two metal housings with an organic curve adds interest and stands out in the black finish. The French brand, Forestier, manufactures this light fixture. The black lines make this piece a modern statement and is most commonly used for dining rooms and above kitchen islands.




Happy Friday, design lovers! Unique, bold and fun are the words that come to mind with this weeks batch of #FridayFaves. Words to live by!

Aly is loving this colourful Balloon Portrait by Carla Sutera Sardo. She focused on her body and her surroundings when she started experimenting with photographic techniques. With that in mind, she tried blending these two worlds together, resulting in this photo. With the use of pastel coloured balloons, the woman’s body is emphasized in its simplest form with blue sky surrounding. Similar photos taken by Carla can be found at Artstar.

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