Stripey Scalene Triangle

We're very excited to be launching the work of English artist Gary Andrew Clarke and not just because he's on the wall of Twitter's London office. Check out his wonderful graphic work work on ArtStar and add a piece, or two, to your collection and impress your design-savvy friends.

About Clarke:

Gary Andrew Clarke was born in Leicester, England in 1970. He studied graphic arts at Manchester Polytechnic (later Manchester Metropolitan University) from 1989-91. He subsequently spent several years working within the music industry for a number of major and independent labels. In the late 2000s he began to produce graphic art to sell as prints. His work became widely noticed in 2009, with a series of work based on well-known works of art reduced down to a simple grid of coloured circles. These have been reproduced in many of the leading design and art blogs. His Mona Lisa Remixed, from the series, is on the wall of Twitter’s London HQ. His work has been featured in several art & design books including Foundations of Design, along with various magazine features.

MacArthur Park

Augmented Pentagonal Prism

To see more of Clarke's work on ArtStar, click here.


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