ArtStar sits down with Domino Magazine's Market Editor Elaina Sullivan to dish on her new design crushes, trends, art tips, and spirit animal (Kate Spade of course). 

Meet Elaina!
Name: Elaina Sullivan
Title: Market Editor
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Instagram: @elaina_sullivan + @dominomag

AS: How do you sum up your style?

ES: I love when a space (and the people in it) doesn't take itself too seriously. Modern details, classic shapes, and bold colors - I don't do beige.

AS: Who's on your playlist at the moment?

ES: Hozier, Bahamas, Jay-Z, and the Black Keys 

AS: Top 3 design trends?


- I am loving all the cool makers and artists coming out of Brooklyn and LA right now. There are new brands popping up all over and I'm so obsessed with what's going on there. 

- I'm having a personal moment with pill shaped pieces. I just saw an amazing show by an artist who makes giant pill sculptures and I'm dying for one. I keep seeing pill motifs in design objects and I'm loving it.

- Also having a minute with the 80's - weird pastel palettes with shapes and textures that are perfectly out of whack. 

(Better Living Thru Chemistry: Generation X by Edie Nadelhaft)

AS: Do you have any rules when selecting art?

ES: If the piece speaks to me I buy it. If I can't afford it, I beg for a payment plan. Art is my first love and I started collecting a few years ago and only regret the pieces I never bought. There's always room for more.

AS: Spirit Animal?
ES: Kate Spade.

AS: Ikat or  Leopard?
ES: Leopard. 

Elaina's Art Picks on ArtStar


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