We are brimming with excitement for our ArtStar artist Zaria Forman, who is taking the world by storm with her provocative and moving pieces that portray unnervingly realistic views of arctic regions.

Not only does she provide a unique, authentic, and aesthetically awe-inspiring perspective, but she creates each piece from a place of passion and connection to the environment. Her canvas is her voice, and when it speaks to us so eloquently, with its melding of ocean greens and ice-cap blues, we can’t help but listen.

Ever since she was a child, visiting remote destinations and witnessing vast and changing landscapes, Zaria has been inspired to impact the environment in the way it has so deeply affected her soul. Using her fingers as brushes and her memory as a muse, Zaria continues to inform and delight her audiences.

Check out our rockstar Zaria Forman featured in these publications and learn more about her life, her process, and her mission to save the world.


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