“Don’t Just Decorate. Curate.” Is the catchy tagline of the online platform, ArtStar.

The same can certainly be said for its founder and very soon mom-to-be, Chrissy Crawford Corredor, but in her case something more along the lines of, “Don’t just get dressed. Treat it as an art.” Even while 8 months pregnant, the New Yorker is managing the sartorial feat of looking incredibly chic while pregnant (and cold) with aplomb.

Her strong eye for aesthetics likely comes from her impressive background in the art world. Prior to launching ArtStar in 2010, Corredor worked at the Aspen Art Museum. In 2005 she moved to London to complete a Masters in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute and worked for a London based art advisory. She came to New York in 2007 to open her own art advisory firm.

After noticing a gap in the market between generic wall décor and investment art sold through galleries, she launched ArtStar in order to make the art market more accessible and add the ease of e-commerce to the art collecting process.

The Little Collector category features contemporary art for kids and could not be cuter. Every piece would elevate the cool factor of a play space or child’s room (or any room for that matter). To really kick off a kid’s collector skills all of the art is printed to museum quality, fully authenticated by the artist, and made in limited editions to hold its value.

Here, Corredor demonstrates the artsy side of dressing well while pregnant and it’s as cool and yet accessible as all of the amazing prints and paintings on her site.

– When are you due and do you know what you are having?
I am having a baby girl and due February 28th. She is doing CrossFit in my tummy and very active. She takes after her father.

– How would you describe your personal style?
Washable. I like jeans, button down ironed shirts, and sneakers or Stubbs and Wooton loafers. Dresses are fun if I need to look smart for a meeting. The city is dirty and tough and I like to dress practically, but with a pop of color. Even inexpensive black clothing can look luxury if you do it right.

– Do you change your beauty / exercise or any other habits during pregnancy?
I stayed in my regular exercise routine throughout the first trimester, then slowed everything down. I am still in the gym 3 times a week, but my exercises are tailored to strengthening my core for labor and stretching for my hips and back. I go to a physical therapist specializing in maternity exercises to guide me through a healthy and safe workout routine.

My beauty routine simplified. I use gentle products from SkinCeuticals and sunscreen to protect against sun spots from excess hormones.

– Does your maternity style change much from how you usually dress? How so?
So much spandex! Maternity clothes are all about comfort and I never want to give them up. Pregnancy jeans are where it’s at and I am saving the ones with the extra tummy panel for after holiday meals.

– What are the items that stylishly carry your through your pregnancy?
I mostly dress in all black while I’m pregnant. Stretchy pregnancy jeans or leggings and turtlenecks or comfy pregnancy long sleeve tee’s. You can have fun with the jewelry, shoes, and handbags.

– As a working / busy mom, what do you feel has been the biggest challenge of this pregnancy
I am tired a lot of the time and have to keep working. It’s difficult to balance the doctors’ appointments, eating healthy, and taking care of yourself with a strenuous work life. Luckily I have great co-workers who are very supportive and understand when the pregnancy needs to take priority.

– What are 5 essentials you cant live without?
Lip gloss
Sephora Blotting Papers
Sephora Translucent setting powder
Diptyque perfume, Do Son scent

Humidifiers. I have them on my desk, next to my bed, and in every room of my home.

– What are your favorite maternity jeans?

Old Navy makes great ones. I also like Rag and Bone and Topshop.

Hatch has great leggings. and I also have a lot from Uniqlo. The price tag does not really matter with maternity clothes. Inexpensive high street brands still make great stuff.

– What’s your go-to maternity look when you need to get dressed up to go out at night?

Black leggings, black knit shirt that covers my bottom, over the knee flat suede boots, statement earrings. My sister-in-law, Carolina DeSouza is a designer and makes amazing statement jewelry in Colombia. Her gold earrings and Chiqui pom pom earrings make any outfit interesting.

– What is your staple footwear while pregnant? 

Over the knee suede boots by Steward Weitzman, Vans, Stan Smith Sneakers, New Balances from JCrew with cute colors, Stubbs and Wooton loafers in tiger patterns or bright blue.

– What is your best style advice to pregnant women trying to find their maternity look? 

Be comfortable. Being pregnant is so uncomfortable and your clothing should not be part of the problem.

– With everything going on in your life, how do you find balance between work, your marriage, your child and nurturing yourself in any way?

You have to prioritize and not feel guilty about it. Some things can wait. You are allowed to say no to a lot of requests and just blame the pregnancy. No one will challenge it!

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