Got $100? You Can Start an Art Collection. (Really.)

By Heather Corcoran / Published by Dwell

The Affordable Art Fair New York is back, so we asked the exhibition's organizers to round up the best in show—all for $500 or less.

The hardest part about buying art is figuring out how to get started. Often it seems there's more eye candy to wade through than useful information. That's why many people find art fairs the best way to dive in. These massive art markets bring together dozens of galleries from around the globe, so attendees can get an art-buying crash course in just one afternoon. 

The latest edition of the Affordable Art Fair New York brings together work by 500 artists from 70 galleries—all priced under $10,000. 

We challenged these experts in affordability to find the lowest-priced options for entry-level buyers. As you cruise through these $500-or-less highlights, check out our tips for getting the best deal on a budget. 

Josh Soskin, Summer-Float, 2016

PRICE: $475

TIP: Photos are your friend.

At any level of the market, photos tend to be priced lower than paintings (Compare the most expensive photo ever sold's $4.3 million price tag to the $300 million mark reached by the world's priciest painting). This 16-by-24-inch photographic print by Josh Soskin will keep the summer feeling alive all year long.

Kimberly Genevieve, Sugar High, 2016

BUDGET: $325

TIP: Keep it simple.

Bold pieces like this Kimberly Genevieve photograph, which clocks in at 20 inches by 24 inches, are a great way to make a statement with a single piece. 

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