The Perfect Websites for Art Lovers on a Budget

Upgrade your collection without breaking the bank.

Published on November 27, 2017 by Domino Magazine
By: Danny Kopel

Pictured: Lakeview Windows by Amy Park

If you missed the Affordable Art Fair in New York a few months ago, don’t worry—you won’t be stuck staring at bare walls until the fair rolls around again in March. While an art fair is a great way to see quite a lot under one roof, these days, the world is your oyster with the click of a mouse.

Once the province of stuffy galleries, the buying and selling of art is moving online. Here are our favorite online art galleries that not only have the eye, but also know their audience doesn’t want to break the bank.

“The era of the snobby dealer is over,” founder Chrissy Crawford decrees. “It’s all about connecting with your customer and making sure they feel comfortable asking questions about the art.”

Answering your questions is high on ArtStar’s list of priorities—you can “Chat With an Art Expert” on the spot and get instant assistance locating the right piece for you, and they’ll even Photoshop it into your space if you provide them with a picture. Customer service is where ArtStar really shines. Crawford’s background as an art advisor is in evidence here; customers are treated like collectors.

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