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The Affordable Art Fair New York City

Affordable Art Fair: Critic's Picks

by Allyson Parker

Escaping winter hibernation where our nests were barren with the winter blues (this year was particularly icy), New York City is kicking off its spring art season this month with a troupe of openings, events, festivals and fairs to activate our senses and reignite our passions. One of our fan favorites so far was the opening of The Affordable Art Fair (preview night: April 2nd, 2014) to a crowded audience of art aficionados. The AAF boasts contemporary eye candy with a grab-n-go price tag to make the art market  accessible for the other 99% of us.


ARTSTAR, New York 
(top image)

Stanley’s whimsical renditions encapsulate everything we miss about the 80’s. The vibrant color schemes, bold lines and vintage content strike just the right chord as our eye’s ingest these clever little vignettes. Each print hosts its own personality from handwritten labels, to finely textured surfaces. Captured with the sharpness of a fashion industry photo shoot and enhanced with the wonders of photoshop, each frame glistens with an impossibly perfect cassette as if they’d just been released from a pristine time-capsule. Taken from the artists personal collection, these rare archealogical finds have been accruing in inventory since the 1980’s 


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