ArtStar artist Albert Hong uses photography and mixed media to explore our connection to nature. Driven by his formative years spent on the harsh, hyper-connected trading floors of the financial sector, his work centers around the curious human need for escape and disconnection, and the intimate role nature plays in its ultimate fulfillment. His work’s driving intention remains to rekindle our fascination for, appreciation of, and above all, a desire to conserve our only home. Albert is donating 100% of the proceeds from his print sales to Outdoor Afro, an organization that works to advance diversity outdoors in both perception and participation.
"The reprieve and relief we get from nature is unique; it is universal and primal.
The benefits bathe you irrespective of who you are. Everyone is equal and so
very small out there on the scale of nature. It is one of few sources of beauty
that is completely free from controversy, requiring no prerequisites, pretensions
or specialized education to understand. Sadly, as we grow so fast into towering
cities obsessed with growth, I see this being forgotten all around me. And over generations, the forgetting turns into fear of the outdoors. My work, as well as my pledging of all proceeds to Outdoor Afro, is in service to this constant desire to help
us all rekindle our connection with our beautiful planet, no matter who you are."
- Albert Hong
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