LC:  You're an in-demand fashion stylist as well a beloved artist. Where do you get your inspiration from?

KS:  Everywhere I am, everything I see, everyone I love. Museums, books, movies, friends, travel.

LC:  We have a lot of wonderful mothers reading. How has being a mother shaped your sense of style?
KS:  Everything is fast and efficient. I streamlined my closet into only things I love and wear. Rid of the rest! I advise my clients to “buy better, buy less” and I thoroughly believe in this principle.


LC:  On that note, can you offer any advice for soon to be mommies about what to wear?

KS:  Anything tight and short. What I mean is: clothes that gently hug your body and accentuate your beautiful curves. I lived in American Apparel leggings and button-down shirts, as well as jumpsuits from Isabel Marant and Hatch Collection. On the other hand, beautiful flowing caftans are great for around the house.

LC:  When did you start painting? Did you always want to be an artist?

KS:  I have painted my whole life. I was very serious about it in high school and very academic in college. Drawing and painting were my way to study things I loved, mostly in the form of sketchbooks, which I was absolutely religious about keeping. I never set out to be an artist, but I always was artistic and my parents fed my creativity in the most supportive way, and I was extremely lucky to go to art school.

LC:  NYC is tight for space, where do you create your pieces?

KS:  I paint in a gorgeous light-filled studio in Chelsea. It’s all white and warm. I travel to places specifically to paint the environment and culture, which became the concept for my In Residence series that I have created in locations all around the world.

LC:  When not styling and painting, what do you enjoy doing?

KS:  My family, comedy (improv), cooking, estate sailing.

LC:  Your animal watercolors are adorable! If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
KS:  Thank you! I love all animals - for their mythological archetypes and for their bodily forms which are so beautiful.

Elephants and leopards are two that I am repeatedly drawn to, over and over again.

LC:  As an artist gaining deserved acclaim, can you give us one piece of advice for aspiring artists?

KS:  Follow the work and a career will blossom. I paint every day. Years and years of devouring everything visual that I love and making, making, making. I did not declare myself an artist one day. Other people did.

LC:  What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

KS:  Our beautiful daughter.

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