A native of Venezuela, designer Maria Brito lives in New York with her husband and her two sons Daniel and Oliver. Her company Lifestyling® by Maria Gabriela Brito combines interior design with contemporary art advising. Maria encourages her clients to live with contemporary art and to build meaningful collections that express their personal taste. In designing her own kids’ rooms, Maria says, “My boys’ current bedroom reflects who they are. It is fun, colorful, and joyous. I also wanted my sons to have their own experiences living with contemporary art, so I listened to their opinions when selecting the pieces in the room.” -Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping by Maria Brito, 2013.


Maria Brito Shopping Guide:
1. Wallpaper by Morag MacPherson
2. Power Prism print by FriendsWithYou
3. Swimming in the Fishing Hole print by Robert Jackson
4. Cosmic Donut print by Kenny Scharf
5. Soft Sculpture Pumpkin Pillows by Yayoi Kusama
6. Soup Can print by Larry Moss
7. Things at Sea print by Sonni

 2, 3, 6 and 7 can all be purchased through LittleCollector

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