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In our week of art and toys, it is important that we acknowledge the little collectistas themselves. After all, they will be running this art world someday. Until then, it is important that they have access to their own brand of great contemporary art. Cut to: Little Collector.

How I am only now discovering Little Collector when it launched in 2011 is beyond me. Little Collector is a website that exclusively features contemporary art for children. On this unique site, you can acquire limited-edition signed toys, prints, and books by well-regarded contemporary artists. Some of my favorite pieces are Nick Cave inflatable punching bagsYoshitomo Nara plastic sculpturesYayoi Kusama pumpkin sculptures, and prints by Mickalene ThomasWilliam Wegman, and Shantell Martin. Chrissy Crawford, formerly an art adviser, founded ArtStar, Little Collector’s “parent” site, and Little Collector with the mission to make great art accessible to everyone. It fills the gap between Pottery Barn Kids and Gagosian Gallery. The most expensive piece is $275, and each and every one is a genuine signed, limited edition of either 50, 150, or 250, depending on the physical size of the work. Crawford works closely with artists to produce fine art on museum-quality paper. Each piece is signed, numbered, and custom framed, and even includes free shipping. What I love is, relative to some of the crazy items we consume on our kids’ behalf, Little Collector offers special, forever items that hold value. Of course, one might argue that value is in the eye of the beholder. I have been investing in limited-edition art for my children since day one. They are now starting to get cheeky and trying to sell some to their friends on the playground. I suppose this is an interesting alternative to the whole sneaker thing?

Anywho, all Little Collector production is in-house in order to maintain quality control. You can acquire their amazing pieces directly through their website, as well as through Artsy and Paddle8. Also, keep your eye out for Little Collector’s exclusive artist- and dealer-led children’s tours at international art fairs. Such activities are produced in collaboration with the art fair and can be found on the fair’s official site. Well, now you can anticipate my new gift resource if you are expecting or invite me to your child’s birthday party.

- Tottie Dottie at Collectista

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