We're very excited about the new series we're launching on LittleCollector not only because they're super fun, shiny and sparkly abstract prints but because they also promote oral health! Yes, these photographs by Dirk Westphal are made entirely out of toothpaste.

About Clean Mint Max Fresh (the blue one, above) Dirk says: "CleanMintMaxFresh is my homage to Yves Klein. Just kidding! Blue is one of my favorite colors and I decided to do an all blue toothpaste photo and this is the result. Somehow when you have 3/4 of an inch of dentafrice on your toothbrush, it looks just fine, but never as interesting as 10 inches worth , or as in this picture about ten different types for a total of well over 12 feet of toothpa..err dentifrice. I still don''t know how they get the stripes in toothpaste…"

Dreamy Sparkle Grape Power Fruit.

Barbie Blast Power Fruit, to see more toothpaste images by Dirk Westphal click here.

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