Have you met our little darling? 

If you haven't yet been formally introduced, we'd like you to meet ArtStar’s mini, art protege in the making, LittleCollectorJust as ArtStar brings hip + mature audiences the world’s best contemporary art, so does LittleCollector share works that will tickle the fancy of young and old alike. 


One of the coolest parts? Besides jazzing up any wall space in your child’s room or playroom, you also have the option to purchase toys,books, tattoos, and even skateboards! 

Expand your child’s aesthetic horizon’s with a LittleCollector piece. 

Because you're never too young to fall in love with art. 


Interested in investing in your child’s future through art? Check outLittleInvestor, LittleCollector’s collection of art that will grow  in value as your little grows up. Check out our collection of beloved classics and get started with your limited edition LittleInvestor piece today!

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