We're very excited to announce our latest collaboration with two very big names in the art world (and one smaller, but no less important, one!) For this special project the artist Mickalene Thomas has created an exclusive limited edition print just for kids entitled Portrait de Priscilla Petit Chien.

This portrait of Thomas' long-haired dachshund Priscilla is available only through the MoMA Design Store and only at 11x14 inches, framed in white wood. We are delighted to be making this print available to MoMA exclusively, and at printing cost, so that they can put the profits from the sale of the prints back into MoMA programs while furthering the museum's mission. Please note the the purchase of this print is not tax deductible.

Says Thomas, "When I was invited to participate in the LittleCollector project I started thinking about what kids would be interested in and what they would like to collect.  I have a miniature dachshund named Priscilla and thought that maybe she could help me come up with a good image. She has already seen many photo shoots at my studio with human models, and she ended up acting like a real professional who loves the camera!"

About Mickalene Thomas: Mickalene Thomas is an American-born artist whose mixed media work incorporates painting, photography, collage, and video. Her work is held in the permanent collections of the MoMA, the Guggenheim Museum and the Smithsonian, among others, and she has won numerous awards and has exhibited extensively in the United States and internationally.

Portrait de Priscilla Petit Chien available here.

We sat down with Mickalene and Priscilla to talk about their time in front of the camera:

LittleCollector: Mickalene, how did Priscilla come to be part of the family? Did you raise her from a pup or adopt her?

Mickalene Thomas: In 2003 Kehinde Wiley gave Priscilla to me as a gift.

LC: You both love to be around lots of color and texture, as seen in Portrait de Priscilla Petit Chien. Can you each tell us your favorite color?

MT: Priscilla's favorite color is light blue and my favorites are gold and white.

LC: What sort of walks do the two of you take around your neighborhood in Brooklyn? Any favorite parks or watering holes?

MT: We live in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn and Priscilla loves to stroll around in Fort Greene Park.

LC: Priscilla, how does it feel to be in front of the camera?

Priscilla: I love it!

LC: Did you always know you had a talent for modeling?

P: Absolutely! I have watched my mother for so many years, and I knew I could be the first supermodel dog!

LC: Priscilla, if you went to MoMA what do you think your favorite piece would be?

P: I loved seeing my mom's painting in the window of The Modern, "Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe: Les Trois Femmes Noires", although right now I really like all the Jacob Lawrence paintings.

LC: Are you a fan of abstraction, photography, painting, sculpture?

P: woof woof woof... woof!



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