S'up ArtStarz!

So we've been really busy in the office this week but not TOO too busy to share some of the stuff we're into, looking forward to, and basically peeking at during the workday to keep ourselves going:

- Gigi Chen speaking TONIGHT about life after reality TV (when you're an artist) at Spattered Columns. Expect a full report tomorrow. We're guessing, Drama.

- Pornucopia opening at Allegra LaViola. We *might* have been swayed by the name alone... (and also their rad artists)

- The Selby. More than mildly obsessed.

- Grow House Grow wallpaper at Design Public. sigh.....

So yeah, that's what we're up to, plus adding some new artists to ArtStar, party planning, and figuring out how to make our blog even more awesome. Coming soon: VIDEO!



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