Tell us more about your work on ArtStar and your process. You mentioned repetition and mental discipline in your work? 
I’m really interested in repetitive images. I’m interested in how an image changes when it’s collaged over and over again. And whether it gains or loses meaning when it becomes part of a larger pattern. I want my work to feel meditative and I think patterns help with that. In my work, I like to test my patience as an artist. I think we live in a world where we expect everything to be immediate. My art is slow and time consuming, which helps balance out my naturally impatient personality. I feel like my art is teaching me how to slow down.

Can you tell us more about the composition choices you make on your canvases?
Why do you divide the colors into equal parts? 
I always loved puzzles and Legos as a kid. If I wasn’t an artist I think I would spend the majority of my time doing puzzles. In my work, I like trying to fit different forms together. I love creating shapes from individual pieces. I’ve always been interested in triptychs and how they help tell a story in a really symmetrical way.

How did you decide to use the image of the lark and does it have meaning for you? 
I’ve always loved birds. I love the way birds in a flock come together and break apart. I love how when birds are in a flock they look like a large pattern rather than a series of individuals. I think we live in such an individualistic society that sometimes we forget the real power of the collective. And the flock is such an amazing symbol of that power. A bird in a flock loses its own form to become part of something greater.
What's on your Spotify at the moment? 
Oh dear. This is slightly embarrassing. I’m a massive country music fan so my go-to music is Spotify’s country music playlist. I’m a pretty low key person, so I love the drama and intensity of country music. 

What are your favorite art spots in New York?
My favorite museum is the Frick. I love how quiet and calm it is. But my favorite thing to do is to visit other artists’ studios. Every different space has a totally different vibe. It's like walking into a bunch of different worlds.

Where is your favorite cafe?  
I love the peanut butter banana toast at Nourish Kitchen + Table. I will pretty much eat anything that has peanut butter on it. Also they deliver, which means I never have to take off my bunny slippers.






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