Valerio's Instagram is part of the project "Web Popularity Products."

"The project forces a future where social networks popularity will be sold on supermarket shelves. 
The services represented are already available on several websites: the more social networks are born, the more available these services become to increase user popularity.

Alongside our physical life based on face to face interaction, nowadays many of us consider really important the online image and networking.

Our online self-worth is often defined by the number of followers we have.  How many times we're mentioned by others and how many likes we receive on a certain content that we've posted.  

The future is here and now. "

Valerio Loi was born in 1986 in Cagliari (Italy), Conceptual and Still Life Photographer working between UK and Italy. Valerio was recipient of the 2012 Nikon Talents Award (Italy) for Still Life Photography.

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