ArtStar artist Charles de Vaivre is back with a new photography series, this time dedicated to his love of cars.  We asked Charles to give us a bit of insight into his inspiration, and backstory of the Porsche photoshoots. From Switzerland to the United States, Charles set out to tell the story of each beloved Porsche owner through his abstract works of art.

Why did you decide on this series?

My love for cars has two deep roots; When I was studying design, one of my sweet spots was car design. Also, and more on the personal side, when I was a kid, I used to dream about my grandfather’s old American cars from the 50’s that we still own to this day. I decided to start the series with some of the most iconic Porsche!
As you know my previous works were mostly about animals (cows, hens & roosters) and I’m also an architecture photographer. For me, cars are the perfect link between my worlds. They are design/architectural pieces or even sculptures but also they also belong to the animal reign in many different ways. On this work, I decided to focus on the aesthetics of abstract shapes of the most incredible and noble vintage cars in the world.

Where did you travel to photograph the cars? Are they ever driven or do they stay inside?

The two dream lands for vintage cars are US and Switzerland - guess why? after World War II not many people could own these very exclusive cars. I went to meet the owners in different places in the US as well as in Switzerland to photograph their cars. I discovered the strong relationships they have with their “Love” or “Mistress”. They treat their cars as if they were precious members of their families. Most of the cars I’ve photographed are still driven, (only when the sun shines as you can imagine), and the rest of the time they stay home in very cozy environments.


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