Renown Designer. Art Aficionado. Entrepreneur. Fashion Visionary.

We are so inspired by Rebecca Taylor. 

Rebecca Taylor started with $600 in her pocket and a big dream. Today, she provides the modern woman with sleek and sophisticated clothes that never go out of style, and has created one of the most coveted brands in the fashion industry. Whether going to work, browsing a gallery, or sipping cocktails, her pieces transition eloquently from moment to moment making one feel as classy and beautiful as a contemporary piece of art. We at ArtStar have been big fans and supporters of Rebecca Taylor, and are so happy to have her as part of our ArtStar community. Just in time for her big runway show in NYC, we got to talk with the power woman herself. 

AS:  Did you study art in school and how do you think this influences your designs? 

RT: I did study at Wellington School of Art, and I think it influences the way I look at color and prints and my design process as a whole.

AS: Do you feel more influenced by contemporary artists or old masters?

RT: It’s a combination of both. I love old masters like Renoir, but I also appreciate modern art — a lot of which I saw at Art Basel this year and loved.
AS: There is a lot of art appearing on your blog, La Vie RT. What's your favorite NY museum or cultural retreat?

RT: I really love the Brooklyn Museum and also the Museum of Natural History – always has interesting exhibits.

AS: I wear your tweed jackets all the time for work and through out Basel Miami. They are professional, but edgy and creative. Your line seems to be a favorite with gallerists. Do you think of women working in art and creative fields when you are creating your new lines?

RT: Our customer is often a working woman and I take that into consideration while designing. I like our pieces to be versatile – practical for daytime and also edgy enough for nighttime. It’s a balance.

AS: You sell art books as an accessory on your website. We love this idea! Do you have a favorite art book?

RTElizabeth Peyton’s Portraits, she’s a favorite of mine.

AS: What is your  favorite piece on ArtStar and why?

RT: I really love this photo of the New York Public Library. I love to read and it’s such a cultural institution here. 

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