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In this issue we are highlighting ArtStar founder, Chrissy Crawford, the brains and beauty responsible for curating the on- line contemporary art resource and gallery. A true jet-setter, Chrissy was on her way home from this year’s Basel in Miami and took some time out to for a “Q&A” with Cate. Enjoy!

What is the most common dilemma your clients come to you to solve?

Great question! Our collectors want beautiful contemporary art and have outgrown posters and wall décor. They are savvy and chic, but are not spending their entire design budget on one work of art or do not have time to search for work in galleries. ArtStar brings a curated selection of top artists work with the ease of e-commerce and a fraction of gallery prices.


Chrissy Crawford: Photo by Mryna Suarez

 What are some of the latest trends when it comes to displaying/hanging/presenting art?

We see two big trends. The first is BIG. People are taking risks... like one large statement piece in a room. We see this typically with modern and monochromatic homes. The art is the flare in a beautifully subtle room. I am also seeing a lot of salon style installations. Salon style is a selection of works varying in shapes and sizes hung together as a group. It lets collectors show off more of their work and present their personality through art. It’s really visually exciting for the viewer to discover every piece and a great way to fill a large wall with your collection of smaller works.

What’s the pulse on local LA artists/art scene?

LA is so exciting! Many artists and galleries art trading New York for LA because the weather is better, space is cheaper, and LA is now home to some of the best collectors, art schools, and institutions in the

country. Because the rent is less and spaces are bigger, artists and dealers can take more risks. LA has it’s own thing and style and it’s fun to see what it produces.

Any local LA artist you are particular fond of? 

For sure. Alex Prager, John Baldessari, FriendsWithYou, Ed Ruscha. and Aakash Nihalani. I like color.

Give us a few of your go-to “Hospitality/Commercial” prints on ArtStar...

Markus Burke Ostsee I and II are beautiful beach scenes, Maud Vantour’s geometric images , Ludwig Favre’s LA and Palm Springs images, Susan Friedman’s black and white horses are stunning in large format, and lastly- Grant Rohloff’s vintage surf images from the 50’s and 60’s. Grant was one of the first surf documentary photographers and has images of surf legends before the sport took off in their local spots. Truly special.


Prada Marfa By Noel Kern

Give us a few of your favorite “Residential/Interior” prints on ArtStar...

I can tell you what I have in my home. I am my own best customer. Ha! Sara Bacon’s Excessive is a photo of carefully organized Barbie shoes. JM Giordano’s Cake 1 and Cake 2 are in my kitchen, large format and look stunning against white walls and countertops. Noel Kern’s Prada Marfa face mounted in the bathroom, Tracey Snelling Room 8 over my sofa and Irene Suchocki L’Appart in the bedroom, 40x60 inches and also face mounted. Irene’s work has a soft palette and romantic feel- perfect for bedrooms.

What artist do you feel is a solid investment for our clients right now?

For the traditional luxury residential client: I think architectural interiors by Richard Silver or beautiful Paris cityscapes by Ludwig Farve would be stunners. Our French cows or roosters by Charles DeVaivre are elegant and classic while still being modern and fun.

Edgier/modern residential client: Karl Wolfgang colorfields make modern monochromatic homes pop. Kysa Johnson’s work is intellectual and beautiful. I would also recommend Irene Suchocki’s iceberg images Colors of Cold and Polar Shift

Luxury commercial client: Greg Gummersal and Nick Lamia’s Beautiful large abstract works. Also Zaria Forman’s drawings of the Maldives and glaciers make people stop and stare at her technical ability.

Top art trends going into 2015?

I am focusing on photography for 2015. I am seeing more photography at fairs and it’s a great way to start a young collection at affordable prices.

Biggest take away from Basel Miami? Bring lots of water and pack a snack! Ha! Seriously though, I am seeing more female artists sold by top galleries and their prices are on par with the men. That’s exciting to me not only as a woman, but as a collector of a lot of female artists’ work.

Karl Wolfgang’s Red

More on ArtStar...

ArtStar offers high-quality art without the gallery prices - the perfect “high-low” art solution to keep budgets balanced and our client’s happy. Visit ArtStar gallery online at

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Maldives #2 by Zaria Forman featured in a living space

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