We sat down with Society Social's founder, head designer, and Instagram star, Roxy Owens, to discuss her design style, favorite ArtStar pieces and more!

ArtStar: You have a great mix ​of Southern charm with chic modern elements​. How do you sum up your style in one sentence? 

Roxy: Society Social is for the playful sophisticate and lover of color!

Who's on your playlist at the moment?
Roxy: Nathaniel Rateliffe & The Night Sweats. "S.O.B" A fun Spotify find!

ArtStar: What are your top 3 design trends? 
Roxy: I like to think of these as timeless trends: Faux bamboo, leopard, and blue & white everything. 

ArtStar: What are your top 6 favorite works on ArtStar and LittleCollector

  1. Joe Papagoda - "The Madness of Ares"

  2. Ludwig Favre - "Palm Springs Hotel"

  3. Ruth Adler - "Fuchsia and Orange Circle"

  4. Aaron Wexler - "Strategic Strata"

  5. Elizabeth Lever - "Silver Esther"

  6. Karl Wolfgang - "Tumble 1"

ArtStar: Do you have favorite piece that you've designed? Or is that like picking a favorite pet or child?
Roxy: The latter! It's always incredible to see a dreamt up design come to life. I couldn't possibly choose!

ArtStar: What's your spirit animal? 
Roxy: I fancy myself a camel. They love a good drink. I do, too! 


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The Madness of Ares

Palm Springs Hotel

Fuchsia and Orange Circle

Strategic Strata

Silver Esther

Tumble 1

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