ArtStar loves making your place beautiful on a tight budget, so imagine our excitement to discover, Havenly, a new website proving affordable design for your home.

 Havenly is a young (fun!) interior design start up aiming to create stunning spaces entirely over the web.  Clients pay one super low flat fee ($185), work with a Havenly designer online and receceive an awesome rending of their room with their soon-to-be-purchased new items PLUS make-it-work old items in one gores, cohesive look.  

Sign up to work with Havenly today and receive $40 off the service using promo code ARTSTAR.  For more information visit

"Art is one of the most personal things we put in our home, so it's important to love ahwt you hang on your walls!  When we design for clients, we say that certain styles of art tend to work well with certain styles of interiors.  Remember, the most important thing is to use art to accent your space but also reflect your personality.  Have fun with it!" 

- Shelby Girard, Design Director Havenly


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