It's the holiday season and while we're busy running around town buying presents for loved ones near and far, it's also a huge advantage to shop close to home on ArtStar!

So, we've asked some of our staff members to share their holiday picks - what they've got on their own wishlists and what they're picking up for other. Today we've got COO Annie's picks:

Says Annie, "This year my ArtStar Santa wish is for Irene Suchocki's Ciel Bleu. I think it pairs beautifully with Irene's other Paris pics and adds a touch of elegance to any room! PS. Santa - large format would be great!"

 "I'm always a fan of offering friends and family something with a little sense of humor.  Dolly Faibyshev's Rodeo Man and Pink Pants Poodle are perfect in every way for that special person who has a twinkle in their eye."


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