ArtStar sat down with Interior Designer Lilly Bunn to discover her philosophy on style, decorating must haves, and tips on collecting art. 

ArtStar: You use a daring mix of colors and patterns, but it always comes out looking stunning! We spied high gloss walls, splattered paint, feathers, metals, oriental rugs, Ikat, and a variety of colors the average person would never think to use. How do you sum up your style in one sentence? 
Lilly: Fashionable and comfortable. 

ArtStar: Who are you dancing to right now?
Lilly: Katy Perry

ArtStar: What are your top 3 design trends at the moment?
Ruby red silk velvet, Cement tile, Suede walls.

ArtStar: Everything you do is elegant, but still a livable family home. What are some tips to consider for designing a home with young children (patterns to hide stains, flame resistant fabrics, or covering everything  in bubble wrap?)
Lilly: I try to find things that I love and that I can see myself using in my every day life. 

ArtStar: You use a lot of great art in your projects. What are some tips to consider when selecting art?
Lilly: This is a tough one. I think the most important thing is to buy what you like (if you can afford it).

ArtStar: What are your top 6 favorite works on ArtStar and LittleCollector?
Lilly: My top picks are listed below:

About Lilly: 

Lilly Bunn, Inc. is a full service interior design firm building interiors that are high in style but not in pretense. All projects are meticulously curated and expertly built by the best tradespeople in New York.

Lilly opened her eponymous firm in 2009 after having worked as a fashion editor at Town and Country Magazine and for the renowned interior design firm, McMillen, Inc. Since then, she has been featured in Vogue, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Elle, Elle Décor, Veranda and Lonny.



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