Breegan Jane is a woman of many talents. Founder of her own LA-based design firm, host of a successful lifestyle blog and radio show, and single mother of two, Breegan works hard to continue finding success while ensuring balance in her daily life. We were fortunate enough to learn her tricks of the trade in this exclusive interview with ArtStar. 

Occupation - Interior Designer, Mom and Lifestyle Blogger, Radio Show Co-host, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Instagram handle - @breeganjane

You have a background in modeling, and marketing, just to name a few. What led you to pursue a career in interior design?
Very early on in my career, I worked for a luxury yacht manufacturer with projects ranging from furnishing yachts to traveling internationally to consult with our Dubai clientele. Those experiences awakened my creativity and allowed me to better understand different cultures around the world. I was fortunate to have such exposure which ignited the desire for me to explore and celebrate different textiles, furniture, architecture, colors, fixtures, lighting and so on.

Define your design style in 3 words.

Classic. Eclectic. Clean.

You’re based in LA. What is the best neighborhood to shop in? 

Venice, hands down. Whether you’re seeking locally made goods from talented artisans, luxury pieces from global brands or bohemian chic, you’ll be sure to find it here. I love roaming around and spending time window shopping to harness inspiration.

You are a Master Mommy and seem to balance your career and family so well! What is the best advice you can give for those in the same position? 

Delegate! I cannot stress that enough. I rely heavily on my business team and mommy tribe. These are the people in my life whom I trust, and who know my vision and long term goals. When I can strategize alongside them to handle a multitude of tasks, I am able to tackle responsibilities in several areas simultaneously.

What materials are you currently loving?

I’m currently obsessed with incorporating beautiful stone into my projects whenever I can. I feel that marble brings an air of sophistication that effortlessly elevates any space. I’m enjoying working with many different types of marble to design custom pieces for market, in addition to using it when my clients’ homes and commercial spaces.

When designing a nursery or children’s room, what role does art play? What design aspect do you feel is essential to incorporate? 
Most moms would agree that just the sight of a newborn can invoke warm and fuzzy feelings. It’s easy to want to overload your child’s nursery with cutesy cartoonish animals and characters, but I believe a nursery with a more intentional design direction can be more calming in the end. I would suggest using framed photographs of real animals that have playful elements while also blending with the existing decor in your home. This type of art has great longevity in a room- I would always suggest using design elements that are not only beautiful but will also grow with your child.

What is the greatest challenge when selecting art for hospitality and commercial projects? 

I actually adore selecting art for my clients. When the architectural aspects have been completed and furnishings have been installed, I always feel that artwork puts the finishing touches on the space and brings the room to life. When I get to this stage of a project, I often feel for a vibe of the other rooms and use that to blend with the overall goal of the client. With that knowledge, I’m able to select art pieces that are cohesive and eye-catching.

What’s on your coffee table?

Currently, I have notepads filled with ideas for my latest projects, oversized photo books from our local library for art inspiration, and crystals that my sons and I collect. I love using crystals in my space as they make for gorgeous unintentional art pieces, even when they’re scattered about!

You have a good amount of international clients. What region do you have the most projects in and how has that location influenced your design? 

While I have worked with clients around the world, right now most of my clients are in various parts of southern California. One of my latest projects was done in an enormous Spanish style villa, and I think recent trips to Europe for marble sourcing evoked my inspiration with my future designs.

What was your breakthrough moment in your career? 

That’s a hard one to say- but maybe designing the restaurant Native in Santa Monica. While I had worked on restaurant design before, this particular project truly allowed me to flex my creative muscles. I was given the opportunity to take risks on everything, from the marble placement on the bar program to using deeper tones on a textured ceiling and showcasing conversation starters in the art selection. I think Native put a spotlight on my design acumen, artist inspiration while opening doors for additional creative opportunities.

Your personality really shines through in your brand. What do you feel your clients can expect from you when they reach out when for design help?
My clients can expect a designer who truly cares about their best interest. Clients often come to me with desires for opulence that won’t break their budgets. It is my job to establish how to meet their standards while creating a space that they’re proud of. I love that I’m able to connect with my clients and bring those dreams to a reality.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts for daily inspiration?

I love checking out what @lasvegasmarket has going on. They are always giving both new and established designers a chance to debut their collections. I also love @alexturcoartdesigner.

What are your top 10 favorite artworks on ArtStar right now?

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