Layered, imaginative, and magical are just some of the many words to describe the interiors by designer Fawn Galli. Melding the traditional and the contemporary, Fawn shares with ArtStar the secrets to her design philosophy and incorporation of unique art.

All Photos by Costas Picadas

Instagram handle: @fawngalliinteriors


When decorating, where should people splurge and where should they save? 

Splurge on wall finishes and great lighting. You can make great savings on rugs and upholstery especially for a young family.

How do you beat decorator’s block?  

Get out from behind your desk and get inspired!  Visit museums, take a walk in the park, or I just hit the streets of NY for some people watching. Inspiration is everywhere!


What initial conversation do you have with your clients about the artwork in their space? 

I try to assess what art interests they have, or if they already have unframed pieces they want to incorporate.  If art interest is limited we can always create visual depth with wall textiles and textural rugs on the wall or even framed wallpaper.

Have you ever designed an entire room around one piece of art? 

I designed a living room around a wonderful Ivan Navarro Infinity Mirror.  I wanted the room to act as a magical modern crisp backdrop for his work.


What’s the one design project you’ve always been scared to try? 

I would love to design a treehouse.  But I’m worried I would finish and never want to leave. 


Name something we’d never see you without? 

Magic. Sparkle…and imaginative pairings.


Where is your ideal vacation retreat?  

A modern glass house in the middle of the tropical forest with plenty of ceviche and aguachile.


Most inspiring city for design?  

Oaxaca, Mexico.  The artisan markets are full of amazing craftspeople making the most inspiring textiles and folk art.

What is one mistake people make while combining the traditional and the contemporary?  

They are often pairing elements that don’t speak to each other. It’s not so much about combining traditional and contemporary as it is about finding the thread in periods and making them work together through color or shape.


Which “traditional” design rule(s) do you swear by? 

I don’t follow any rules.

What’s the biggest takeaway you want your readers to learn after reading your book? 

To be fearless, imaginative and confident in their design decisions.  One should follow their dreams and fantasies and create an interior that is personal and inspiring.


What are your top 10 favorite artworks on ArtStar right now? 

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