Millennial interior designer Ryan Saghian is one of LA’s hottest rising stars in the design world. His sophisticated approach and accolades place him well beyond his years. Drawing inspiration of Old Hollywood glamour, while bringing fresh perspectives to the industry, Ryan shared with us his journey to success.

Instagram Handle: @ryansaghian

You are based in LA -What is unique about LA’s design scene? How do you define LA style?

RS: What’s unique about LA’s design scene is its clear mix of 1920’s Spanish charm that I like to call “California Romantica” and the influence of Hollywood glamour all combined. I define LA style as laid-back west coast modernism with Hollywood glamour peppered in.

What is your favorite LA neighborhood for design finds?

RS: For architecture, it’s Windsor Square in Hancock Park. For furniture, it’s the La Cienega Design Quarter.

What trends do you see in residential and hospitality design at the moment?

RS: Warmer metals beyond brass like bronze and pewter.

What is the greatest challenge when selecting art for your projects?

RS: It is the most subjective part of the project and it gets hard for me and all my clients to agree on the same piece. That’s the challenging part!

If you had to choose 3 words to describe your ideal client what would they be?

RS: Fabulous, rich, and submissive.

What is your favorite vacation spot? Do you get inspiration from your travels?

RS: My favorite place to date has been Istanbul. I found so much inspiration in the historic architecture, the tile work, and the culture.

Your favorite cocktail?  Shaken or stirred?

RS: I am a total scotch drinker. My go-to is Glenlivet 12 on the rocks.

In addition to your interior design work, you also own a wallpaper collection, furniture collection, and candle line- Are there any parallels between designing these collections and designing a room?

RS: The only parallel between these is I designed pieces that I would like to incorporate into my own work. The pieces look like my spaces and that’s the basis for my collection.

Name one movie interior you’d move into if you could?

RS: So not my average look but I LOVE Cameron Diaz's house in “The Holiday.”

Being so young in the industry, what was the breakthrough moment in your career?

RS: When I designed a room for the Greystone Mansion Showcase House!

When did you really find your stride and come into your own professionally?

RS: When I opened a studio outside of the home. My business grew overnight!

How important of a role does your social media play in your business?

RS: It is literally everything. We are in the social media era and its through Instagram that I grew my business.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts for daily inspiration? 

RS: I love to follow Ashley Stark, MyDomaine, Architectural Digest

What are your top 10 favorite artworks on ArtStar right now?

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