Lone Surfer is one of my favorite images. I shot it on an old Holga camera with medium format film. This technique lends itself to the image appearing extra surreal and dreamy with soft edges and blooming light. This is how surfing feels. There’s something ethereal about being alone in the water early in the morning. This photograph reminds me of that feeling.”- Josh Soskin

ArtStar partnered with artist Andrea Mary Marshall to create a series of Pop Art Vague prints celebrating contemporary artists. Andrea collects iconic VOGUE magazines and paints the cover as an homage to famous pop artists.

Carolina’s images have graced the pages of VOGUE magazine across Europe and South America.  Living and working in London, we are delighted to have her fantastical Cat Series available exclusively on ArtStar.

Lovers of color and shapes will fall in love with Maria’s photographic Freeform Series. This unique photographic series explores form and strong color combinations .

California based photographer Kimberly Genevieve has an iconic pop style. Known for her use of color Genevieve createdThe Glitter Diet to playfully poke fun at the staples of the American Diet and the glamorization of mass-produced food in our society. Your food pyramid just got an upgrade! 

Studio Mierswa-Kluska looks back on almost 20 years of creative collaboration between two photographers, Andreas Mierswa, Markus Kluska, and their team. From the very beginning, unique and experimental photography has been the common sense of this successful project. Their Explosion images are a unique way to create abstract work with photography. 


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