Street art takes courage. There is no safety of a gallery, no organized show, no targeted demographic to nod in approval. It is raw, open, honest, and often times indicative of a contemporary cultural moment. Our LittleCollector artists are all huge talents, and some of them are so big not even the side of the city wall serves as an adequate canvas. We are highlighting our LC artists who have made art accessible to the public, who have taken a risk to let anyone who chances to walk by see what they’ve created.

Though we can’t promise they’ll come over to paint on your living room wall, we are happy to offer some of their best works of art for you and your family to enjoy.


Sonni was one of the very first street artists in Bueonos Aires. He bright, colorful characters featured in his murals won the hearts of families around various neighborhoods in Argentina. He’s responsible for decorating the inside of the Argentinian subway and has since traveled around the world exhibiting in group and solo shows. It all started with some paint, a wall, and the courage to let the world see him shine. Recently, Sonni was asked to participate in Art Basel Miami, where he painted his awe-inspiring 30 ft mural “BoomBox” which was recognized as one of the top pieces of Art in Miami in 2011. Sonni’s LittleCollector pieces bring his signature use of bold primary colors with his playful and beloved characters to prints that just make you want to smile.

Kenny Sharf

Kenny Scharf has been immersed in the subculture art scene for a long time, and he’s got the reputation to prove it. Ever since he began creating ambitious, large scale projects around the East Village, he has been using his fantastical meshing of realism and futurism to connect to his audience. He is a firm believer in artists holding social responsibility. He’s the kind of guy you’d want to come over and hang out with you and your kids for a little while, teach them the ins and outs ways of street art and social justice. Kenny’s abstract print has us grinning ear to ear. He combines science fiction with pop culture to produce timeless art that speaks to any age.

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