Announcing our newest LittleCollector Artist...Drumroll...


LittleCollector is bubbling with excitement over our newest addition to the LC family. We collaborated with Nick to offer a line of products that kids will go crazy over! Each item is designed with the signature Nick Cave whimsical and colorful aesthetic. The master of the imagination offers his Imagination Book — an interactive coloring book — his punching bags, and his temporary tattoos through our LittleCollector site. 

Nick's acclaim as an artist continues to grow as he continually and ever-uniquely challenges the boundary between the surreal and reality. Last fall, Nick worked with Creative Time to celebrate Grand Central's Centennial with live performances of his famous Soundsuits.  He asks audiences to abandon all seriousness and harken back to the time of childhood where mystery and dreams were interwoven in the day to day. Now, Nick offers his art in the form of objects and wearable art, so that a larger population can have access to his art, and we are so happy to have a bit of Nick's magic to share with our community.

We got the chance to talk to Nick's partner and Design Director Bob Faust about the vision behind all that is Nick Cave. 

LCWe love the vibrancy and playfulness found in the Nick Cave collection. What inspires the aesthetic of the brand?

BF: The brand is a direct refection of the art. It’s intent is to deliver surprise, delight and joy to whomever is participating with the object. A Cave exhibition transports the viewer into their own imagination which while transformative is also a very challenging thing to describe and share with others. the products we have designed help bring the experienece.

LC: You sell a variety of different objects and pieces, including the tattoos,Imagination Book, and punching bags now available on our site. What has been the most fun to create?

BF: The Imagination Book is special. It shares imagery literally, but also inspires and nudges the user to make his own work. While designed for kids this book is an instigator for anyone. The cover itself is made from hundreds of stickers so as you work in the book the cover changes at the same tame.

LC:We've talked to artists who have very specific artistic processes ie music they listen to or food they eat while they create. Is there anything about Nick's creating process that you think is unique or quirky? 

BF:Creating the right environment to work is critical to the process. Sometimes it is silent, sometimes filled with music, but it is always meditative and condusive to reacting in the moment to whatever the piece is asking for.

LCYou've certainly established a strong brand voice. The Nick Cave pieces are so whimsical and fantastical! What is the message you are trying to communicate to your audiences? 

BF:These are products that matter and help instigate actions. Whether is encourages us to share, create, reflect or whatever … They do not simply sit on a shelf. Each piece is designed to do more than a like product in its category does.

LC:Who are the major influences that have had an impact on the direction of the Nick Cave art? 

BF: Anything and everything. Being an observer and world participant is where all the work comes from.
LCWhat is your (and Nick's) favorite song to dance to? 

BF: Lately it has been Thank you by Busta Rhymes, but that can change at any given moment. Michael Jackson seems to make his way onto the system a lot. 

Enjoy video of Nick's extraordinary Galloping Horses from the centennial celebration of Grand Central Station

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