If pictures are worth 1000 words, how much are ArtStar's wordy prints worth?

We are spotlighting our artists who use both words and image to convey provocative, and smartly comical, commentary. 

Lisa Levy will be that best girlfriend who tells it like it is. Using bright colors and clear printing, Levy makes sure you hear her loud and clear. Having her prints in your home not only make you smile at their friendly little life-reminders, they also make great conversation pieces as well. Anyone who doesn't like what they have to say, well, they probably need her prints the most.

Craig Damrauer is a mathematical man. Few words, but with loads to say. He tells it like it is. Damrauer comments on reality in a way that is so unmasked it is comforting. He might roll his eyes if you try to feign expertise, but he'll always be there on your wall-space to keep you grounded and get you thinking.

Though Allison Wade is an ArtStar sweetheart, she's no stranger to the hardships of relationships and communication. Ironically enough, she uses images of text to portray a dissatisfaction with modern communication and the way it has become reliant on texts and impersonal communication. Wade's prints are perfect for everybody who has ever experienced the pitfalls of contemporary romance — meaning everyone.

Upon first glance of Tinsel Edwards's prints, one might think she is painting with self-deprecating humor. However, coupled with the playful wording and realistic imaging is a deeper questioning of the modern road to success. Edwards's quirky pieces are a statement to put in any living room. Besides, who doesn't love a good snogging?
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