Zaria Forman 1


If you're in Westport MA, don't miss Zaria Forman's group show at Deedee Shattuck Gallery from May 1st-28th where she will be exhibiting alongside Hugette May and Sandra Allen.

Forman says about her new work, “with my Greenland series I attempt to capture the ephemeral properties of arctic light. I am interested in the element of water and how it absorbs and reflects the light in its various forms. The forms that we easily recognize are water, cloud, and ice; these are essential elements that inspire my compositions. I am also interested in the transition between these states and enjoy the challenge of translating such sublime experiences into my work. The different forms of illuminated water give rise to the dreamy, atmospheric scenes that I hope will transport the viewer to this remote region of the earth, and encourage action to preserve it.” Read more about the exibition here, and explore more work from Zaria here. Zaria is concurrently in residence at the New Bedford Whaling MuseumArctic Visions: Away Then Floats the Ice-Island where she will also be exhibiting new work.



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