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American actress Faye Dunaway takes breakfast by the pool with the day's newspapers at the Beverly Hills Hotel, March 29,1977. It was the morning after Dunaway won the 1977 Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Network. As the legend goes, Terry convinced Faye to meet him by the pool at The Beverly Hills Hotel as early as possible the morning after the Academy Awards. True to her word, she appeared on time at the break of dawn having had barely a minute’s sleep. Terry charmed the staff to let them use the pool for an hour and while Terry scattered the morning’s papers at her feet, all trumpeting her success, Faye slunk in the chair and placed her golden statue on the table. And with a few snaps, an iconic image was born. “I wanted to capture that moment, the morning after. The idea was to capture that moment when the star wakes up and it dawns on them that, overnight, they’ve not only just become a star, but also a millionaire. This is that moment of realisation”.


His work synonymous with images of fame, photographer Terry O'Neill's photographs define the essence of the Swinging Sixties. An eyewitness to the rise of pop music, O'Neill trained his camera on intimate moments with the world's most famous figures, distilling their personalities with every click of his shutter.

Faye Dunaway (FD013)
C-type  lambda print
Signed by O'Neill on the front

Framing not available for this piece
Edition of 50


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