PRINTING METHOD - Hahnemühle Archival Paper with Epson Pigments

All ArtStar prints are produced to the highest industry standards by a fine art printer, using fully archival Epson inkjet pigments on Hahnemühle (cotton rag) paper. Also known as giclée, this printing method exceeds digital C-prints or screenprinting, producing distinct color accuracy and unparalleled detail. We never crop or otherwise alter our artists’ images.


Listed sizes refers to the size of the image, not the paper. All prints have a ½ inch white border around the image to allow for matting and framing.


Proper framing is essential not only to enhancing a print, but preserving its value for future generations. Our master framer custom fits your print using the highest quality framing materials and acid-free mats which make the piece archivally sound. A card of authenticity is mounted to the back, then your piece is carefully packed with Plexiglass fronts to prevent breakage or scratching during transit. Your new artwork safely arrives accompanied by a hanger and and nail, picture-perfect and ready for its new home on your wall!  

XS 8x10 2" mat + 0.75" frame face, adding 5.5" to the overall size of the art
S 11x14 2" mat + 0.75" frame face, adding 5.5" to the overall size of the art
M 20x24 2" mat + 1" frame face, adding 6" to the overall size of the art
L 30x40 3" mat + 1" frame face, adding 8 to the overall size of the art



Sleek and modern, facemounting protects your art while giving it sculpture-like depth and vibrant color. Your print is preserved in a stunning display that protects against dirt, aging, and scratches while adding depth to the image. The process of face mounting adds a third dimension to the artwork and creates the "stand off the wall" effect. If you're looking for a flawless and frameless way to display artwork this is your ideal solution. Our facemounted works are printed and heat sealed between a durable sintra backing and 1/4 inch Plexiglas®. All facemounts have an aluminum brace and a French cleat on the back to prevent warping in humidity. This labor intensive process involves high-end materials to achieve museum quality results.


Archival acid free mats and backings help preserve the life of your print. Acid given off by poor quality mats is the primary culprit of paper breakdown and the fading of pigments. ArtStar archival mats and backing protect your work by adding space in between the Plexiglass front and the print so they do not touch and cause damage. The acid free backing keepings dirt and dust out of the frame.


The work is suspended within the window of a mat and the paper's raw edges are visible. 1.25 inch boarder on each side of the print on Extra Small and Small prints. 2 inches on Medium and Large prints.



All prints are accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity to maintain the integrity of each print. The authenticity card contains the title of the work, the artist’s signature, the unique edition number, as well as the ArtStar certification of authenticity.


The best protection for your prints is an archival frame. Keeping prints rolled can damage them over time, and you never get to see them on the wall! Make sure all framing materials are acid free to ensure your work does not deteriorate over time. Plexiglas fronts are durable and much stronger than glass. Plexiglass will not break like glass and destroy the artwork. Use a soft cloth and computer screen cleaner to wipe the front of the frame when needed. Make sure you use soft cloth gloves when handling the print and always have clean hands when touching the print directly. Carefully pull the print out of the tube but do not pull by the end. If you are having the work framed on your own, let the framer remove the work from the tube for you as they are skilled art handlers.


Even if your artwork is archivally framed, placement will also affect its longevity. You may be tempted to hang your new work of art on the mantel above the fireplace but keep in mind that this placement will likely subject the piece to extreme heat and possibly smoke. Displaying your piece on a wall that receives direct sunlight is also a less than ideal. By limiting the amount of direct light your artwork will be subject to, you can increase its lifespan, hopefully for many generations to come.


ArtStar does not accepts returns. Works damaged in transit may be exchanged on a case by case basis. Please email us as soon as you receive the damaged work at We stand behind our art with a 100% quality guarantee. ArtStar prints on the best paper on the market with a fine art printer in the USA. Each work is created custom just for you and non-returnable. ArtStar color matches every print to the artists' source file and fully authenticates every piece. Please note that we employ professional printers, framers and shippers. Occasional damage by FedEx in transit happens and is out of our control. We are happy to work with you to immediately resolve any damage that might occur. However, damage in transit is relatively rare. If your work is damaged or you received the wrong image please email us at or call 212.995.5352. Please note that we work hard to ensure that all images are displayed accurately, however screen resolutions and brightness may reflect sublet variations from the final printed edition.




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