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"Coming from a fashion design background, fabrics are to me what paint is for a painter. I use them to create works that are inspired by contradictions, life situations, spirituality, as well as my German and Italian heritage. Often I start with the title of the piece that comes to my mind by listening to the news, into myself, or to the people I am surrounded by. The title determines the shapes, colors, and the composition. Sometimes I also just see a composition in front of my inner eye and then I choose fabrics with different textures to add depth and character.

The surface of my works, that consists of numerous pieces of different kinds of fabrics sewn together, looks even, smooth, and almost flawless – the hidden backside however is raw and messy – an analogy to the facade we tend to keep up to make our lives look good from the outside even if beneath the surface it’s all but perfect. In some pieces, I intentionally integrate the fray edges as an accent on the surface of the piece to create tension between order and rawness.

Working with fabrics allows me to realise the vision I have of a composition exactly the way I want it to be. There is no room for coincidence as the seams have to match perfectly to make the whole piece work. Having this control gives me a feeling of ease and confidence." -Meike Legler


Meike Legler is a German, Los Angeles based artist who uses fabrics as the medium for her abstract and often times minimalistic and geometric artworks. She was born in Alzenau, a small town in Franconia, and holds a BA in fashion design from HTW Berlin, where she lived for 10 years. The move to LA in 2016 marked a turning point in her career when she started making wall art out of different fabrics and turned into a full time artist.

by Meike Legler


50” W  x  50” H

Mixed fabrics over stretched canvas



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