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Mickalene Thomas is an American-born artist whose mixed media work incorporates painting, photography, collage, and video into inspiringly extravagant compositions.

LC: Mickalene, we are so excited that you're making another print for LittleCollector. Can you please explain to us the concept behind your new print?

MT: I'm excited to work with LittleCollector again as well. My concept for this project was conceived after deeply thinking of LittleCollector's collaborative efforts with kids. I thought that it would be much more profound to have this project reflect all the aspects which make LittleCollector shine. I make a collage of my dog little collectors collect and collaborate, the parents submit to a contest, the winners are selected by Art World jurors, the images return to my studio and I make paintings of these collaborative images that are then auctioned and all proceeds are donated to a charity for kids. This is a win-win for everyone involved. Maybe Chrissy, you and I can start a new organization called LittleCollaborator"

LC: Priscilla, how do you feel about being a muse? P: I feel fantastic, fluffy and fulfilled. Finally, I can flaunt, flagging my tail down the street and all the other barking fluffs flirt and flow me.

LC: Mickalene, what is your thinking behind leaving a part of the print blank and inviting children to complete the work themselves? What advice can you offer to these aspiring young artists?

MT: My thoughts for leaving some areas in the collage blank is to give little collectors the opportunity to add their personal touch to the image. The print becomes a monotype - open/ended - as little collectors complete the print. I say to them, go wild and express yourself creatively. It's perfectly wonderful to draw outside of the line.

LC: Priscilla, artists seem to gravitate towards Dachshunds (Andy Warhol, David Hockney, and Pablo Picasso all owned and painted their Dachshunds). What is your favorite Dachshund portrait and why? P: Woof, woof, wraaah, woof, woof, Picasso Baby, woof, woof, wraaaah, Picasso Baby, woof-woof Hockney-wraaah, Picasso, woof Hockney-woof Andy.


Sophisticatedly elaborate and gracefully composed, Mickalene Thomas pushes the boundaries of painting, photography, and collage. Interspersing flamboyant colors and textures with measured, meditative images, her works are kaleidoscopic compositions of twenty-first century life.




Available in 11x14 inches with a white frame only
Edition of 150
Signed by the artist on a Card of Authenticity


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