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KIKI (80 x 72)


  • Full View
  • Install Shot

80" x 72 oil on canvas$14,000.00

Framed Print Size:


UNFRAMED 80” W x 72” H Original Oil on Canvas Shipping not included.


Step into a vibrant, animated world through the art of Adam Sultan. His original large-scale paintings are a dynamic fusion of vivid colors, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere. Each piece is a joyful, immersive experience that brings a sense of playfulness and vibrancy to any space. Sultan’s work masterfully transitions between abstraction and expressionism, playing with bright and intricate compositions. His art is a delightful blend of spontaneity and structure, making each piece both captivating and harmonious. Sultan explains, “Focusing on touch, texture, and the physicality of paint, my aim is to communicate through touch, giving my feelings a physical reality by mixing them with paint.” – Adam Sultan. Adam Sultan’s paintings are not just visual experiences but explorations, inviting viewers to feel the emotion and energy behind every brushstroke on the canvas.

by Adam Sultan

80” W x 72” H 
Original Oil on Canvas

Shipping not included. 

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