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13.5" x 10.6"edition of 125$150.00

23.5" x 18.5"edition of 75$325.00

39.5" x 31.2"edition of 25$575.00

59.5" x 47"edition of 10$1,250.00

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Let's not pretend that we don't enjoy 80's music.


Introducing Floyd P. Stanley, a sought-after photographer based in Austin,TX renowned for his captivating product-shot-style images featuring vintage mixed tapes. Collaborating with friends, Stanley meticulously crafted unique labels reminiscent of the iconic '80s and '90s mix tapes, each exuding its own distinct charm and handwriting style. Capturing these nostalgic treasures as objects against a pristine white backdrop, Stanley's photographs evoke a sense of timeless charm. Perfect for gifting, these vintage mix tapes hold sentimental value, especially if you know a friend's favorite karaoke song. Embraced by discerning art enthusiasts, ArtStar's curators have curated them into pairs, making them ideal gifts. Whether it's a special someone’s favorite mix tapes or a cherished collection of musical memories, Stanley's work transforms nostalgia into timeless treasures.

Install by Abby Leigh Designs

 By Floyd P. Stanley

Shipping with ArtStar

  • Order Fulfillment: Orders are processed and fulfilled within a two-week window by our team of fine art printers and framers.
  • Shipping Notification: A tracking number will be emailed once your order ships. 
  • Damage Resolution: While we cannot control occasional damage by UPS or FedEx, we will work with you to resolve any issues. Damaged works can be exchanged within 14 days.
  • Contact Information: For further information or to report damage to your artwork, please reach out to hello@artstar.com or text us at 212-995-5352.
  • Packaging: We have developed our packaging systems over the last 14 years to ensure our work arrives flawlessly. 


Skip the trip to the framer and let ArtStar handle it. Our artisan framers create each archival frame custom per order.

All Frames Include:

  • UV-blocking acrylic plexiglass
  • Acid-free, archival materials
  • 100% natural wood molding with a deep profile. 

Frame Specifications:

  • Extra small and small frames: .75" molding, 2" mats, 1.2" deep
  • Medium and large frames: 1" molding, 3" mats, 2" deep
  • Matless frames have a spacer to prevent print from touching the acrylic. 

Return and Exchange Policy

ArtStar does not accept returns. Each order is custom-made just for you.

Damaged or Incorrect Orders:

  • If your work is damaged or you received the wrong image, please contact us at hello@artstar.com or call 212.995.5352 within 14 days of receiving your order.
  • Please include photos of the shipping box, detailed shots of the damage, and your order number in your email.

Warehouses and 3rd Party Receivers:

  • All work must be checked and approved upon arrival if shipped to a warehouse or 3rd party receiver, including art installers, framers, storage, or onsite contractors.
  • Ownership of the work transfers once checked in at the warehouse and is no longer the responsibility of ArtStar.
  • We recommend shipping to an art storage facility over a non-climate controlled warehouse. 

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