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MAY 5 2020


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MAY 5 2020

Time is a currency of which humankind can't control or manipulate. To some it serves the function of a concrete marker or an explanation of your relationship to the past. Human perception reaches its limit when asked to see time, its physical manner is invisible as temperature or sound; yet our existence is just as vital as these elements. It solely exists as a marker science has created, in order for us to gain a further understanding of our surroundings. Utilizing the color field canvas of the golden hour and its ever-changing gradients of light; beauty becomes the instrument in displaying the simplicity and intertwining narratives of light and time. Through large-scale prints of stacked collages, serial grids and video loops, the imagery seeks to understand time by breaking it down into manageable increments. The images visually compress, stretch or pull time apart; sequentially displaying the subject into smaller and more manageable pieces, all of which allow the viewer to soak in how much life can change in a minute.


Ajay Malghan is an American artist and son of immigrant parents from India. His mother was usually found combining cultures at home, and his father, a Materials Scientist and Engineer often brought him to the lab. The daily experimentations happening around him, both personal and scientific, would later inform his work. While his parents wanted him to follow more straightforward career paths, he was the first in his family to eschew their expectations and pursue art and music instead. Malghan went on to receive an MFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design - Hong Kong. Here he experimented in a darkroom, bleaching film, adding watercolor to glass plates, thinly cross-sectioning fruits and vegetables until they formed abstractions, beginning his exploration into the repurposing of materials. In his twenties, Malghan was diagnosed with Leukemia, the treatment of which resulted in avascular necrosis, a bone disease that eventually required numerous surgeries and three hip replacements. His experience through illness and recovery not only led him to photography, but also informs his manipulation of raw, often overlooked materials in order to reorient our understanding of beauty, pleasure, and purpose. Malghan has been exhibited across the country and has lectured in Hong Kong, India, the University of Texas, the University of Notre Dame - Maryland, and UMLAUF Sculpture & Design Museum. He most recently has been commissioned by The Walters Art Museum, and his work is in the private collections of Johns Hopkins University, the University of Texas, and Georgetown University. His work has also been featured in Wired, NPR, National Geographic, Vice, and elsewhere. He currently lives in Rockville, MD.

 by Ajay Malghan


ArtStar now has a 2 week lead time on all orders. Please note that lead times may change at any point in time due to changes in the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affects our production facilities’ operations. We will do our best to keep all orders running on track. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this ever changing situation.

Once your artwork is made by our printer, it must be allowed to outgas for 24 hours before being framed and/or shipped. ** Please note that we employ professional framers, shippers and handlers on all orders and only handle our prints with white gloves. While occasional damage by USPS or FedEx in transit is out of our control, we are happy to work with you to resolve any damage that does occur. However, damage in transit is relatively rare.

Return Policy

As our prints are custom made to order according to your preferences, all of our prints are final sale and non-returnable. We guarantee the quality of our prints, so if your order was shipped with a defect or arrived damaged, please contact us at hello@artstar.com.

Skip the trip to the framer and let ArtStar do the work with our One Click Framing.

Choose from our high-end white, black or natural frames, or opt for a more modern look by selecting facemounted to thick Plexiglas.

All frames include:

  • UV-blocking acrylic glass, which protects against 91% of UV rays.
  • Acid-free, archival mats and materials.
  • Taped backs to prevent dust from getting into the frame.
  • Strainers on the back to reinforce the structure of the frame.
  • Wire on the back of the frame for easy installation.
  • Facemounted works are hung on a metal French cleat. Installation instructions are included in the packaging.

Extra small and small frames have .75" molding 2" mats, and are 1.2" deep. Medium and large frames have 1" molding, 3" mats and are 2" deep. Mattless frames have a spacer to prevent the print from touching the acrylic.

We do not frame the extra large print sizes because they are too large to ship without risking damage.

ArtStar does not accept returns. 

Each order is custom-made just for you and, therefore, non-returnable. Shortly after your order is placed, our team of professional printers and framers goes to work. 

We print and frame everything in the US; we use the best paper on the market, only fine art printers, and we hand-assemble every frame.

ArtStar color matches every print to the artist's source file and fully authenticates every piece. We stand behind our art with a 100% quality guarantee.

If your work is damaged or you received the wrong image, please contact us at hello@artstar.com or call 212.995.5352 no later than 14 days after receiving your order. 

Make sure to include photos of the shipping box & detailed shots of the damage in your email, along with your order number. We will work with you to resolve the matter, but refunds or merchandise credit will not be issued.

Warehouses and 3rd party receivers:
All work must be checked and approved upon arrival if you ship artwork to a warehouse or 3rd partyreceiver, including art installers, framers, storage, or onsite contractors. 

Ownership of the work transfers once checked in at the warehouse and is no longer the responsibility of ArtStar. 

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