Christine Minas



New York City & Paris 


Art Advisor, Christine Minas Art Advisory  


How would you describe your style?

Warm and elegant, basically classic with a twist. At heart I am irreverent so whenever possible I like to bring fun give more character to my projects.

In a private setting, I like using art and how it is presented in a space to bring joy to my clients' lives.

For hospitality projects, I consider art an element of the overall set design. In collaboration with the rest of the design team, I like to propose art options and installation ideas that contribute to the project's overall mood and aesthetic.


Tell us a bit about your professional background. 

I am an art historian by training and have a Master's Degree that specializes in the 17th century. I started working for museums in New York and Canada and later moved into the commercial art world.  

After about 15 years of "working for others," I started Christine Minas Art Advisory.  2024 is my tenth year in business! 

Shoreline Gateway
Long Beach, California

Photo by Manolo Langis 

Developer Ryan Altoon (formerly of Anderson Pacific) engaged my services to source art for Shoreline Gateway, a multi-residential tower in Long Beach, California. The ground floor art locations are visible from the street and therefore were considered of utmost importance by the design team.  We wanted to find artworks that would look great in the leasing offices that also read well when seen by people walking by outside. ArtStar's high quality photographs were key to achieving these goals. 

 As the property is located across the street from the beach, the design brief emphasized its coastal location. However, the design team and I agreed that it wouldn't be compelling to be too literal about a "beach" theme. We therefore selected bold and richly colored photos by Igor Vitomirov and Niall Staines that do something clever with straight forward images of the beach or ocean. They add a layer of sophistication to the individual photos and the project overall. 

Working with ArtStar was a great experience. The account manager and I collaborated to select a larger group of options to present to the design team. We went through a few rounds of selection and then worked together to finalize the order and delivery timeline. I especially appreciated the ease with which I was able to get good quality framing with ArtStar. ArtStar gave me the great advice on framing specifications and helped me stay on budget.

The best evidence of my positive experience with ArtStar is the fact that I keep coming back for my projects big and small. 

How do you select art with your clients? Do you suggest the work and have them approve or do you look for art together?

It starts with a conversation. During the initial consultation, we discuss a potential client's short-and-long term goals. My firm will then suggest which services might be appropriate at the onset and determine what could be addressed further down the line. Establishing and developing a good personal relationship is key to a successful and enjoyable collaboration. 

What is your process to understand the needs of each client and property?

If the architect or designer has a design brief, mood boards or renderings, I start by studying them. At the beginning it's all about conversations and asking questions and listening actively, not only to what is said but what is implied or left unsaid. Some clients don't have the words to describe their needs so by looking at lots of images together, I can start to piece together which direction we need to head in. 

Client needs aside, my most important work happens when I bring them ideas and solutions that they never dreamt of before. I like to say that I am in the business of delivering the dreams clients didn't know they had. 

Blue Seascape

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