TOP 10 OF 2021 

This year’s bestselling artwork? Bold. Bright. Electric. Dreamy FUN. (shocker!). 

Explore our greatest hits and imagine them on your walls right here. 

10) Somewhere in the world 01 by Minjin-Mijoo

"The creative duo’s highly trending aesthetic perfectly fits a modern space with clean lines and neutral tones."

- Camilla, Director of Marketing

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ArtStar Somewhere in the world Minjin Mijoo

9) Aqva Blue by Carla Sutera Sardo

"I own this work and love it for beach houses, bathrooms, or a wall needing a pop of color and fun."  

- Chrissy, Founder and CEO

ArtStar Aqva Blue Carla Sutera

8) Astro New Years by Cameron Burns

"Cameron’s imaginative subject matter is what locks you in, but it’s his rich colors that I love.  When you see the piece in person the silver suit jumps out against the strong green and yellows in the landscape.  Great in pairs or strong for a stand alone."

-Annie, COO

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ArtStar Astro New Years Cameron Burns

7) Swish by Niall Staines

"Fun for game rooms, kids bedrooms, and teenager hangout areas. Swish is a great way to introduce contemporary art into your children’s everyday spaces." 

- Chrissy, Founder and CEO

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ArtStar Swish Niall Staines

6) Catch and Release by Erin Summer

"This piece takes me to my “happy place”. Erin’s work is full of joy and whimsy with a touch of fantasy. Looking at this piece makes me feel calm and hopeful, something everyone could use in their life!"

- Cassandra, Director of Sales

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ArtStar Erin Summer Catch and release

5) Disco in the Jungle: Life is Beautiful by Yee Wong

"This piece is classic ArtStar! It’s been a top seller since day one because it’s fun, playful and works in any space from a bedroom to living room to playroom! It can work in a space with neutral and earthy decor or a space with a more glam look. A versatile piece that everyone loves!"

- Cassandra, Director of Sales

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ArtStar Disco in the Jungle Yee Wong

4) Venice Beach Surf by Ludwig Favre

"Venice Beach looks great in a neutral home or beach house. Favre’s color palette is subtle and sophisticated"

- Chrissy, Founder and CEO

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ArtStar Venice Beach Ludwig Favre

3) Takeout Florals by Natasha Martin

"Modern and fresh, our Natasha Martin pairs will light up any room and put a smile on any face.  Perfect for the new homeowner who wants to add some fun to their interior design style!"

- Camilla, Director of Marketing

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ArtStar takeout florals Natasha Martin

2) Excessive by Sara Bacon

"Playful abstract which is such a fun combination!  The rainbow color palette gets your attention and once you look closer you fall in love with those little shoes.  Great for kids and adults alike."

- Annie, COO

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ArtStar Excessive Sara Bacon

1) Girls just wanna have fun by Floyd P. Stanley

"Great for a girl's room needing art that can grow with them from baby to teenager."

- Chrissy, Founder and CEO

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ArtStar Girls Just wanna have fun Floyd P. Stanley

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