Cut & Paste

Anthony Zinonos makes original collages
 from thrifted books and magazines.

“The best part of my job is being able to create something that someone else can connect with and admire,” says California-based collage artist Anthony Zinonos. “The most challenging part is running out of glue.” 



Anthony Zinonos



Orange County, California USA


Collage on paper



Artist Q&A


Tell us about your work, in three sentences?

How about three words instead: Minimal, colourful and playful.  


Your tools and process?

Hands, scissors, glue and Xacto knife. As for process, cut up paper, stick to another piece of paper, repeat....

What role does art play in the home?

Beauty, pleasure, escapism..... the list is endless

 How did you get started?

I used to draw constantly when I was younger however in my teen years I got frustrated with drawing because I wanted to draw more realistically however I didn't have the skills or patience to learn. My dad taught me how to use a camera and process and develop film which I took to like a duck to water. 

Photography led to collage, I started out by cutting up the photos and misprints I made in the darkroom, combining them with paint and found imagery the eventually just using found imagery. 

Before I made the jump to full time artist/illustrator I was a cake baker in Norwich, U.K. That job got me through art school and helped pay the bills for a few years after graduating, it was a pretty sweet job but I actually got sick of eating cake.

 What is your day-to-day like?

An average day starts with my dogs waking me up at 6am demanding their breakfast, I prepare breakfast for my wife and I then we take the dogs for a walk and grab some coffee. I meet up with some friends to skate a few times a week which is always a great way to start the day. I spend the morning sorting out emails, orders and running errands. 

I tend to stop by any thrift stores on the way to have a scratch around and see if I can find any good books or magazines to use. I also make a point of going to the beach at least once a week just for a stroll and to get my feet wet. 

After lunch I'll get back to my studio and settle in with some good music and start cutting and sticking, I'll continue till around 7-8pm which is when I'll call it a day and start on dinner. We'll take the dogs out for another walk then spend the evening reading or watching something.


Where do you find your inspiration?

Vintage books  and magazines, nature, being outdoors in the sun, being surrounded by interesting people, basically everything that surrounds us is inspiring. You just have to stop, look and listen.


Best part of the job?

Best part is being able to create something that someone else can connect with and admire. Most challenging part is the paperwork, chasing invoices and running out of glue....

I just want to keep making art and sharing it, if I manage to grab people's attention and it stirs some sort of feeling with them I'm more than happy with that.

Favorite piece on ArtStar?

'BY THE Sea' for me this collage captures that feeling of sitting on the beach and just silently staring at the water letting your mind wander.

Can you tell us the story behind?

That piece was inspired by my move to Southern California and the warmth and beauty of idlily hanging out on a beach soaking up the sun. After spending 15yrs living in the U.K my mind and body was so hungry for it.

Anthony Zinonos
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