Ain't no party like an ArtStar (birthday) party. 

 We love any excuse for a party and color and festivities (but especially when it is for us). Our company just turned eleven, so let's do a round of fun facts to celebrate!

11 things you didn’t know about ArtStar with Founder Chrissy Crawford

1) We got our name from a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song.

2) The two dogs have been coming to the office since day one. Now we walk to work, but they used to ride the subway.

3) Guilty pleasure alert: Podcasts about terrible people. 

True crime, scammers, awful divorces - we eat it up! A few favorites are: Southern Fried True Crime, The Missing Cryptoqueen, Trashy Divorces, and Disgraceland.

4) We’re all obsessed with Diet Coke and gluten-free pretzels.

5) We’ve had the palm tree (see arrow) since 2015. It also likes Diet Coke, apparently.

6) We each take turns DJ-ing in the office. 

80's dance is always a hit. Listen along HERE.

7) We work with over 160 artists from all around the world. 

8) The first artist on ArtStar was Noel Kerns.

9) The first ArtStar website was designed by our artist Nicole Yates.

10) We do not know Anna Delvey.

11) Our parents still have no idea what we do.


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See you next year!

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