Our founder Chrissy thinks art should always be the focus. (Obviously).  

 Here’s the what, why and when of large-scale artwork.


“I like a statement piece! We are seeing neutral interiors trending with a large scale piece of art as the pop.”

An orientation FYI:

“Vertical looks great in stair landings, over a desk or in a dining room, while horizontal works over beds, sofas and consoles.”

Install by Crystal Sinclair Designs

A foolproof choice?

“Landscapes! The size transports you into the space.”

Install by Bennett Leifer

And the framing?

“Consider facemount framing, when a photo is heat-sealed between a Plexiglas® front and a Sintra PVC back. The clean, sleek look lends an immersive, almost window-like quality to large pieces of art.”

Install by Briggs Solomon Design

Want more inspiration? 

Install by Kristin Ditmars Design 

Left: Install by Jessica Arb Danial - Middle: Install by Bennett Leifer Interiors - Right: Kate Schelter's Apartment in Domino Magazine

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